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Re-Volt I/O - All's Fair II and Blender Add-on

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All's Fair II and Blender Add-on

3 years ago, 29-07-2017


I thought I'd update it a bit. Summer break time has come so I have a lot of time for Re-Volt things.

The first thing we did was the All's Fair II event. It was fun and I think the stream was mostly a success. The only things I'd change are: Legth (16 tracks were a bit too long) and the score board. I'll have to look for an easier way to track the race progress.

Now, I also finally started working on the Blender add-on again. I managed to fix the most annoying bug (PRM only exported triangles) and I also added an automatic shading feature which I'm quite proud of. This will hopefully make it easier for you to shade your cars and other models

I ran some polls and there seem to be a few more car makes around than there are track makers. That's why the shading came first. A feature for shadow textures is coming soon, also. Extended .w support is coming right after that. Texture animation, big cubes and env colors are missing features that I still need to program in.

Since some people asked, the next All's Fair cometition will take place in late October, right before Halloween.

All the best.