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Month in Review: October 2019

11 months ago

Hello, here is Alexander back with the second edition of the Month in Review. This time we're looking at October, the month of skeletons, zombies, blood and psychological trauma, but mostly skeletons.

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The domain

11 months ago

Next month, the domain will expire. We have been using it for the past 1-2 years to create hostnames which we list as session IPs. It is a very nice and convenient thing to have, but it would cost us 54 euro to extend it for another year. We would like to ask how many of you would be interes...

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Renaming the I/O Car Classes

11 months ago

Recently, it has been brought up that there is a lot of confusion regarding our custom car classes, and the main reason behind that is because they do not match the in-game car ratings. For instance: in-game, Phenom is part of the Rookie rating, whereas on our website it is listed in the Advance...

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RVGL 19.1001a has been released!

12 months ago

Forum Topic and Download


  • Editor improvements and fixes.
  • Better ghost car support (skins, instances flag).
  • Search by level name in Best Times menu.
  • Extended file limits (1024 lights and objects, 65535 polys).
  • Android: Improved touch navigation (horizontal scrolling).
  • Online: P...
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