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Re-Volt I/O - Christmas Carnival 2019

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Christmas Carnival 2019

12 months ago, 04-12-2019

December time is here! Christmas is coming soon, but Santa's naughty list seems to be quite long, so it is looking like everyone is getting coal this year. And, since chucking coal at each other will most likely end in tears, we have to build our own toys. On December 21-22 at 18:00 UTC we take on a selection of winter and Christmas-themed tracks with balloons, rockets, explosives and maybe some tears after all. You can even make your own car, get someone else to make one for you, or just roll with the standard truck.

Many thanks to Alexander for the cool poster!

This event, the fourth in the series of Carnivals, will be separated into two categories: online races and a beauty contest. We will be using BHV 1 as the default car, and participants may alter it visually in order to race with a personal car and be eligible for the beauty contest. It's not a rule but this is a Christmas event, so please keep it at least somewhat thematically appropriate.

We will be racing with pick-ups enabled on Arcade mode. For more details, join us on Discord!

If you wish to participate only in the online races with the default car (BHV 1), simply let us know on Discord. If you are uncertain whether you can make it to the event, you may still sign up, but please let us know in advance that you might not make it. We need accurate information in order to predict how many lobbies we might need (we will have only one lobby if there are only 16 participants or less per day).

If you also wish to race with your own car or participate in the beauty contest, you are allowed to make the following changes to BHV 1 for your personal vehicle:

You may not make changes to the hull (collision) file. You are only allowed to alter the Parameters for the car name, file paths, engine sounds, as well as the addition of spinners and other visual aspects. Unwanted changes to the Parameters will be easily detected, so do not submit any changes that may give you an unfair advantage.

Your car must be submitted on Discord, either publicly in #christmas-carnival or privately to one of the organisers (URV or Alexander). The deadline for your submission is Friday, December 20 at 18:00 UTC.

Finally, you are allowed to submit a car without racing it yourself. This also applies to submitting multiple cars. There are usually at least a few folk who participate without submitting a car of their own.

Saturday Sunday
1. Snowland 1 1. Christmas Crib 2011
2. Eastern Bloc 2. Winter Park
3. Snowy River 3. Winter Night
4. raf Snow Track 4. Aurora Borealis
5. Frostbite 5. The Glaciers
6. ice pass 6. Chilled to the Bone
7. Christmas Special Stage 7. Arctic Air
8. Rally ZX SS 2 8. Aspiria
9. Penny Racers - Caves 9. Cryo-Volt 3
10. Glacier Cliffs 3 10. 0 Degrees
11. ice peak 11. Zero Degrees
12. Winter Madness 12. Uranus
13. Frozen Caverns 13. Pluto
14. Christmas Snow Globe 14. Toys in the Hood Winter
15. Candyland 15. Surprise

Online Races:

  1. Alex
  2. YellowDice
  3. Zeino
  4. HEAV
  5. Kiwi
  6. Mushy
  7. Frizk
  8. OhNej
  9. hajducsekb
  10. Matu
  11. Daniel1
  12. URV
  13. DVark09
  14. RV_Pure
  15. RV_Passion
  16. Punk
  17. Krobe
  18. Shara
  19. Jiggl'O

Beauty Contest:

  1. Alex (3x)
  2. YellowDice
  3. Zeino
  4. mrroblinx
  5. NANI?!
  6. Mushy and Frizk
  7. Matu
  8. Kiwi
  9. Krobe
  10. URV
  11. Shara

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