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Re-Volt I/O - February Content Packs Update

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February Content Packs Update

10 months ago, 02-02-2020

The Content Packs have been updated!

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We've only got a single addition this month, and it's a fantastic one: School's Out! by Kiwi, one of the best custom tracks we've seen in the past few years, if not of all time. The version included is the updated one from today, along with the exclusive music by ZetaSphere. We'll be racing it online for the first time on Tuesday, February 4!

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We've got a good deal of additions this update, 12 new cars in total, the majority being from Xarc. Unfortunately, due to a new set of rules provided by Xarc himself, we may have to remove a good portion of them next month if we cannot rework them as new cars. If you would like to contribute (we're mainly looking for paintjobs), please join us on the RV Workshop.

Additions Updates
Ahead Alice
Asahi Bed Bug
Ashley Reddlum
Kyarus TT Raider
Ladit Nav
Maxam RS
Super Pasq

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This time we just have a small update for Cake. It's been updated to the latest RVZ version and also includes a fix from Kipy.

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We have removed 11 cars, but have brought 14 new cars in exchange. Acclaim GT has also been updated, and Kyarus has been moved to the main pack.

Additions Removals Updates
Carmint Aeroflash Acclaim GT
Cerberus F2 Flamma
Checkerpod Fury EX
DOD-63 Hyper XL
Dukhar Kyarus
Elise Mad Cat Z
Favs Outraga
Kyoki Oval Runner
Mini Champ Pathfinder
OW-CW Proto Zipper JB
Solare Purity X
Spectra Sally Taylor
Ultra Gamma

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We've got 2 new cars, and 8 cars have been rebalanced. All the cars have had their parameters updated—the ratings have been changed from 4 (Pro) to 5 in expectation of an upcoming RVGL update, which will add support for the Super Pro rating. They will show up as "4WD" for a couple of weeks, but that will be resolved as soon as the next RVGL update is out.

Additions Updates
Sentaro XL Calcure
Stinger Cambold R
King Moloko
Prototype FX77
Ultra RV

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