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Month in Review: November 2019

1 year ago, 02-12-2019

Hello, here is Alexander welcoming with the November edition of the Month in Review. I'm a tiny bit late this time due to a variety of factors, mostly forgetting until the last day and then not being prepared at all, but it's here. With spooky month previously and christmas month up next let's see what the one inbetween had in store.

With the rollercoaster ride of late July and August we reached September, which may not have had these large community events but was not without its own happenings.

For the first time in what feels like forever the content packs have recieved their long awaited update. And nearly every major pack got hit with an update too. Track Collection. Car Collection. Car Skins. Bonus Cars. Super Pros. Bonus Tracks. They all contain shiny new, or slightly less new, things for you to play with. The bonus track pack got a major gutting as it was way too large filesize wise as well. Check out the details here!

Hajducsekb and DVark09 bring you this cool program which downloads random cars and tracks from RVZ. It's pretty neat for just exploring what has been mostly forgotten over the years.

The tournament is back! Previous 1v1 tournaments have been big events and Whitedoom along with OhNej host this iteration with a league format. 42 people in total have taken part in the qualifier. There were three tracks, Images of Gize, Wipeout 2097 and Radioactive Garden, with four laps and only one attempts allowed. I personally lost 10 seconds in the Giza and then a bit more on the Garden for good measure. Check out the results of the qualifiers here and good luck to all participants. This event has it's own discord server so if you're interested join it here.

A discord server dedicated to setting up team races has been set up. Team races have a whole different dynamic as a lagging teammate might abandon his chances of winning and go backwards to mess up an opposing frontrunner. It's pretty great fun and can be joined here.

New tracks? We got a few. We got two conversions in fact.

The first is R2049 Plaza from Dyspro50. This is a conversion from San Francisco Rush 2049 and is available both as a short race track and battle tag arena.

Second off is POD: Roc converted by mrroblinx. Another short and sweet track, this time from the game POD: Planet of Death.

There were a lot of new cars this month too. A very significant amount by a single person but a lot from other people too.

Skarma is once again out here converting up a storm of cars from the Cities: Skyline workshop. There were 12 cars last month with Skarma as the single author credit on RVZ with two more in December since time of writing, and time of writing is only two days into December. I didn't bother testing all of them for this since I do want to have some free time but notable ones include Top Gear, Top Gear Police, Volkswagen New Beetle and the quite infamous Tesla Cybertruck.

But that's just the ones Skarma did all the lifting in. Skarma collaborated with Tubers on Leise-Pregare and Ultima GT4, with Tubers being in charge and Skarma helping with parameters. Another credit to Skarmas name last month is Reliance, an old but previously unreleased conversion given a slick new paintjob by Xarc. It truly is Skarma all the way down.

But away from all the Skarma we have Blood BTF with two slick new cars: Bestia 4x4 and HW Prototype 12 with the latter being a hotwheels conversion of the same name.

And slick doesn't end here with kirbyguy22 bringing two cars as well. FX Formula is an original model based on the ground effect era of Formula 1 cars with the high grip you can expect of the era. Red Bull X2010 is a conversion from Gran Tourismo 6 and it goes insanely fast. Like insane insane.

MR GR1MM has given us Low Volt. It sports a recognizable outrun aesthetic and creative implementation of what would be the engine sticking out through the hood, choosing to have the engine be a battery. It is an RC car after all.

We got a newcomer in Sorshi who released two remodels. A remodel of Humma called Xantho588 and another one of Col. Moss called Motri X4.

mrroblinx did not just convert a POD track but four POD cars as well. Dalton, Atlas, Arakn and Akura.

And as such November drew to a close. Lot's of things are lined up for December to be excited for. The 1v1 tournament will kick off, another smaller pack update is planned and the Christmas Carnival returns to name a few. Until next Month!