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Re-Volt I/O - Re-Volt Zone Tracks Offline, Being Updated

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Re-Volt Zone Tracks Offline, Being Updated

7 years ago, 01-07-2013

Hello Re-Volters!

It’s been quite a time since RVZT recieved its last updated (was there any at all?). Zach has been planning to update the site for a very long time now. Finally, RVZT is becoming Re-Volt Zone. It should be online very soon. It will be right here: (Thanks kay, totally forgot to post the link)
I’m being a bit audacious now: Here’s what Zipper posted on RVL.

Hopefully within the next month, the new RVZT ( named RVZ ) will be launched. There are many new added features, here’s a quick list of the new things to expect: RVZ allows authors to send in update zips No longer must you direct your gfx image when uploading, it auto detects .jpg files and uses that Tools Kits Instances Tutorials Models Better searching functions Better uploading GUI Social Media Integration ( if wanted ) Now authors can type a description on the download page More fluid site dynamics Different rating system: now goes by stars instead of numbers, and one single grade instead of multiple aspects Mobile Site A few other things, but that’s the primary things occurring. I can not share the link yet, and if you have it we’d prefer you don’t pass it around at the moment. Zach and I are really excited to bring you the new site.


A huge thanks to Mike!

If there’s any need for a special track, look it up on Re-Volt XTG or leave a comment. I have them all.