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The Current State of Things

4 years ago, 15-05-2017


The blog and videos.
It's been a while since we released an article, or even a video. Most of my time went into the website itself, especially the Creations part of it. I made many changes to the layout and design, as well as the upload procedure. Calling it feature complete would be a far stretch but I can say that it works more or less as I intend it to.

I would love to release more videos on the YouTube channel since many people seemed to enjoy them. It's just far too time consuming to come up with a good concept, write a script and then record the footage. I'd gladly accept some help. If not, I'd decide to keep the videos on halt for a while.

Making the game available.
Things around the availability of the game got a lot better recently. Packaging the game with the newest version of RVGL and putting it on the website is now just one click. Sadly, there haven't been to many updates so there was little to do.

The community.
I'm really glad to see that we're getting a lot more people on the Discord server these days. I think we can be sure that NerdCubed and now even Vinny from Vinesauce had someting to do with this. They made some cool videos and sent people our way, mostly via the RVGL page on

Taking a look at revoltzone and the I/O Creations page, you can see that some new people picked up content creation. Good examples are Kipy and Snado. FZG also came up with a lot of quality content. I hope we can incorporate some of those great creations in to the online packs.
The online races are also really active again. I'm thankful mostly URV and Instant (also Kipy) are dedicating their time to host those races. More and more often we manage to fill the lobbies up to their new maximum amount of 16 players. Something quite unimaginable looking a few years back.

Custom content.
As mentioned before the last break, content creation is living up to greater standarts recently. I'm excited to finally work on a new Blender plugin with help of Dummiesman. You can take a look at it on our Downloads page. It works quite well so far and there are many new features planned that will make content production for the game a lot easier. Bug reports and feature requests are appreciated!

Closing words.
I'd like to end this rather boring and informative article here. I felt like it was time to write down what's been happening during the beginning of 2017. Lots of good stuff for sure!

I hope to see you on Discord!