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Re-Volt I/O - The War on Re-Volt

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The War on Re-Volt

5 years ago, 27-12-2015

I just received a brilliant pingback from

My favorite passages:

At this point, the Re-Volt community should have launched a petition demanding WeGo to give their IP’s to the community. I personally would like to the Re-Volt community do that. […] Damn, WeGo’s got some crazy motherfuckers on the staff.

I didn’t even think about making a petition. Demanding that they transfer the IP to us might not work at all. There are way too many stupid people who enjoy (how?) the turd that WeGo produced. They are probably making money with it. The only reason to give the IP to us would be the bad publicity that we produce (we already kicked them off GOG for their audacity).
Now, this story has been published on Kotaku (yes, there is an article!) and the aforementioned blog. I also talked to some of the original dev team and they’re all outraged. As of now, they don’t even seem to care about ‘Re-volt 2’ anymore. Their Facebook page has been quiet for quite a while now and support from their side doesn’t look good (at least they hired someone who speaks English but that doesn’t help).

See, any publisher or dev studio that cares about the franchise would be all over supporting the game, improving upon it and, most importantly, support the community. WeGo does not give a dime about what the game means and how it actually was designed. They transformed the whole thing to appear to the dumb mainstream mobile market, leaving nothing of the original shine of the name Re-Volt. This game has a character, a story, a community, all of which they completely ignore and disrespect (remember when they told us to remove the Re-Volt Live logo? Remember when they just use(d) assets from the community without even asking?) .
WeGo, if you’re reading this: You fucked up. We probably won’t ever take you seriously again and most of us probably don’t want to collaborate anymore. That is your fault for the many reasons mentioned above. If you want to fix things, take Re-Volt 2 down and develop a proper sequel to the game (or at least order someone with taste and understanding for game design to do it, since you’re not even capable of making a patch for the version you had on GOG.) As a bonus, here is a list of all the things you have done wrong.
First I was excited to see the game on GOG, seriously. It just sucks that you audaciously stole the patch. Thus, start respecting the community, fund the development of 1.2 and RVGL, let us do whatever we want with the game. Wouldn’t it be a solution to fund huki and jigebren? The game could then be sold while the patch would still be free to download for people who already own the game. You just need to cooperate. Otherwise the community will hate you forever.

This game means a lot to us. Should we revolt against WeGo before worse things happen? Should we not do anything and just hope for the best? Should we beg Throwback Entertainment to buy the IP back (Throwback seems to be doing well at the moment, so…)?