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Things WeGo Stole

5 years ago, 07-12-2015

Here’s a list of all their fuckups

I found that one post that disappeared! Once again went through the things I saved to my HDD… They might have the rights to do some of these things, but still… Not so nice. I once published this post as ‘Things WeGo stole”. Not sure why it disappeared. Here goes.

The RVF Re-Volt bolt

It even made its way int to Ripoff-Volt 2 (why the hell is it mirrored?)

They are also using it as the favicon on their website (note that it still has a white background).

My picture: They uploaded this on my birthday after they told me to shut down the Mac port that I maintained at that point. Thanks.

The ‘RC Stories’ AMW model. Wego refused to take it down when the developer contacted them.

Here’s the original:

Monster Energy Logo and Cliffside

Look at the sides of the black car. There also seems to be the OSX logo on the hood of the car. Recognize the track? That’s R6’s Cliffside: R6 stated in his readme file that any use of the track has to be credited. No credit was given.

This obviously is the map cs_italy from Counter Strike.

This as well as the screenshot above were concept renderings for a potential remake by WeGo that never saw the light of day.

They used the Re-volt 1.2 beta patch on a release on GOG. Well, GOG was cooperative.

You know how this one ended. Why did they not use the alpha? Nobody knows.

Here's a bonus:

Link to this video (He deleted his comment recently)
How can you buy the IP of a game and not know how to install custom tracks?