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Create a folder in your user folder (C:\Users\Name\Re-Volt) and extract the contents of the zip into it.

Then, if you haven't already, download RVGL and extract it to the same folder, replace files.

These soundtracks are ready to be used in-game or just for listening.
The Dreamcast version has some extended intros and outros while the PC version was planned to be played gap-less (although some of the transitions are really rough).

PC Version, FLAC, 387MB
Dreamcast Version, FLAC, 400MB

Special Tracks, 16.5MB

Taken from the Arcade version of Re-Volt where it is played on Toytanic.

This is the soundtrack included in the demo versions of Re-Volt.

Little Toy Carz.mp3:
A really long version of the track, found in a developer build of the game.

Information about the Arcade version can be found on the wiki.

Blast G.iso

Arcade Tracks
Arcade Cars